Spectrum Identity

Spectrum Promotional Marketing | Smith was asked to design a new stationery package for this well-established promotional company. Spectrum helps their corporate, retail and government clients get noticed and remembered by their target audiences through the use of unique promotional products. During the project briefing, Smith and Spectrum discussed the variations in Spectrum’s logo artwork files — font and line weights, overall spacing, and the positioning of ‘promotional marketing’. Artwork inconsistencies are often the result of logo files being produced on an ad hoc basis. Smith recommended making refinements to the logo. We retained the corporate blue and the font used for ‘Spectrum’ (the most recognizable elements), but integrated ‘promotional marketing’ into the logo and made overall adjustments to sizing and spacing relationships. We introduced an optional vector drop shadow to the logo. Incorporating the newly refined Spectrum logo, we introduced a new graphic icon of a speech bubble containing an exclamation mark. This icon is meant to convey the “wow!” reaction people have when receiving interesting marketing material. The stationery package included business cards, letterhead, envelopes, mailing labels, and matching business proposal covers.


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